Once you land in Nicaragua, you will be met by a Granadian taxi driver who will pick you up at the airport and will bring you directly to the school, where your host family will be expecting you since you've provided us with your flight information. In case your flight is delayed, One on One Tutoring will send you enough information to enable you to take a taxi at the airport to reassure your safe arrival to Granada.

One on One Tutoring is simply a connection between the students and the services offered by the local guides. The students pay directly to these people and never to the school management or staff. If the student wishes to make arrangements for his or her own transportation, he or she may do. Taking the public bus from Managua to Granada is a lot less expensive, but much more inconvenient and some how risky.

The first day of class, your host will tell you how to get to the school or, will take you there themselves.

Transportation Cost: For up to three people

$40 USD before 9 p.m.
$45 USD after 9 p.m.
The cost of this service must be paid to the driver in Dollars upon arrival in Granada.

Marlon, Hamilton and Hector are the people in charge of picking-up our students at the airport. Whenever one of them picks a student, he waits at the front of the airport for the person who is to be picked-up: holding a sign with his or her name on it.