The director of One on One Tutoring, Roger A. Ramirez, was born and raised in the Granadian community, and personally visits each of the families offering home-stay service to guarantee you a family that is clean, hospitable, and eager to speak to you (in Spanish, of course). Students and travelers pay directly to the families.

Home-stay with a Nicaraguan family per week: $85 USD.

Price includes private room, laundry service and three home-cooked meals for seven whole days

If a student wishes to stay with a nica family for less than 7 days, home-stay cost is $14 USD per day.

If the students does not wish to stay with a Nicaraguan family, they can make their own arrangements, or our staff can help with recommendations and reservations within the students price ranges at local hotels, guest-houses, B&B, etc.

If you wish get acquainted with our beautiful colonial town: Click Here, where you will find a small map of the area where we are located or, click on the playlist icon at the bottom to familiarize yourself with our school and some of our teachers: