Our professors possess vast experience in teaching Spanish as a second language not only to adults but to children as well. Each one is dedicated, and strive to make learning Spanish a pleasant and fun experience for our students, using easy to follow and consecutive Spanish Program with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

All of One on One Tutoring teachers are trained in our second language teaching method contributing in creating our teaching materials, leading and participating in the complementary afternoon or morning activities, and dedicating themselves to the student’s best achievement of Spanish skills.

“I like to teach at One on One Tutoring because of the excellent relationship between students, professors and the administration. There is mutual respect among everyone. I feel free to express my thoughts and suggestions; plus I am enriched by my student’s comments. I feel privileged to work in One on One Tutoring friendly atmosphere. Further more, I really enjoy transmitting my knowledge to those who are interested in learning our language and about our culture.” Yolanda Larios (Spanish Professor).