Hi, Roger:

I'm back in Florida now and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my stay in Granada.

Your school is beautiful and the teachers, Alejo, Olga, Omar and Eric were all excellent. Not only were they superb at teaching and explaining intricate Spanish grammar, I also enjoyed many hours of valuable conversation where I learned much about Granada and Nicaragua's history, culture, food, flora and fauna and more than I can remember this early in the morning.

Omar did an excellent job as a guide through the city streets of Granada and San Juan de Oriente and is to be commended. Marlon was a great driver, particularly in the outskirts of Managua where we had one close call Saturday morning. His alertness and quick reactions to the stupidity of another driver certainly prevented an accident.

I also enjoyed the homestay with Chaugua and her family. Their hospitality was excellent.

I hope that you will thank all of them for making my stay in Granada enjoyable and memorable.

Muchas gracias.

Michael Lehner