El Colegio Fidel Gonzales in Cardenas in Nicaragua is looking for someone to teach English to students ages 13 to 18. No previous teaching experience is necessary, but some proficiency in Spanish, the desire to work with kids, and the ability to create lessons and plan classes are a must.

Fidel Gonzales is not a private or vocational school. This opportunity is a chance to become involved with Nicaragua’s public school system. Cardenas is a beautiful, untouched by foreign tourism, of 2,000 habitants. It is located on the shores of Lake Cocibolca.

The current English teacher is seriously ill. The school does not have funds to hire another. However, the school will provide volunteers with room and board. A minimum commitment of one month is a plus.

If you are interested, please inquire for Directora Maria Teresa Carina at (505) 563-0440 (Spanish only) or, Profesora Maria Elena at (505) 643-1593 (English or Spanish).

Building New Hope is in great need of volunteers committed to helping people break the poverty cycle. Education is a vital tool of this effort and Building New Hope has developed a number of projects in this area.

Quinta Los Chavalos is a project which provides a school for children who would otherwise have none. Quinta Los Chavalos currently has about 30 children attending regularly in day school.

These children live with their parents in poor barrios. And Quinta Los Chavalos is home to boys who previously lived on the street without families. Here they live in a protected, supervised environment and attend school.

Escuela Yö Puedo began in the street. Children living in the street and earning a meager subsistence selling gum or shining shoes could not come to Quinta Los Chavalos. So Building New Hope volunteers took education to them. Now, thanks to donor generosity Escuela Yö Puedo (I Can School) has a home near the park where these children live and work. Now they are able to come to learn.

The School for my Kid program is designed to help parents provide a better education for their children. Through this program parents invest the money they are able and their time in community service to provide opportunity for their children to receive the education they could not receive. These parents are investing in the future of their children and of Nicaragua.

If interested, please contact us at hope@buildingnewhope.com

Also, Carita Feliz, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children develop their learning skills. If you know how to play guitar, if you know how to use a computer, if you know about math, if you are willing to help our kids learn English, if you just want to come and have fun playing baseball or basketball with our kids: Carita Feliz is the place for you!!!